[Image description: Hailey sits in front of white, sheer window curtains, her long, blond hair is loose, she is smiling at the camera and wearing a grey sweater.]
I am a writer, independent researcher, and professional sick girl based in San Francisco. I discovered my passion for storytelling long before I could actually write, and have used stories and writing as a way to engage with the world and process experiences ever since. While earning my history degree I found that not only did I also love research, but I was excited by the potential power of research to contextualize stories for the purpose of education, social justice, and mobilization.
Currently, I write nonfiction about my personal experiences with chronic illness/disability, I do contracted work as a research assistant, and I create free, online resource guides on social and humanitarian issues such as immigration and health care.

Thank you for your interest in my work, please consider supporting me through my patreon account if you find it valuable! https://www.patreon.com/haileyjoy
You can also follow me on Instagram @haileyjoywrites


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