More Writing

This page includes links to pieces of my writing that have been published elsewhere.

Guest Blogging:
Occasionally people ask me to write blog posts for a series on their blog.

“Reaching Through” on Kristen Leigh Kludt’s blog.

Becoming and Belonging: Creating a Thriving Family Culture excerpt series on Godspace:
“We’ve Got Rhythm”
“Family Connections”
“A Good Story”

For two years I ran an online magazine and dedicated most of my writing efforts there. Although the experiment of running Ignited ran its course, I am still proud of the posts I wrote for it and wanted to link them to my main blog.

December 2017: “Moving On…”

May 2017: “Chronic Illness, Mental Health, and America’s Obsession with Self-Sufficiency” (by “America” here I meant the United States)

March 2017: “Everyday Resistance”

January 2017: “Table Flipping Love”

October 2016: “Radical Love in Daily Politics”

September 2016: “Toads and Diamonds”

August 2016: “Called to Being”

July 2016: “My Inner Critic is a Gifted Storyteller”

June 2016: “Connection In Prayer”

April 2016: “Belonging, Listening, and Growing”

March 2016: “Starting from Scratch”

February 2016: “Being Human: Depression, Disconnect, and Doubt”

January 2016: “Trusting in Transition”