Breaking Free From the Productivity Myth

“I am sooo tired today.” I say to my friend at lunch. “I really needed eight hours of sleep last night and I only got six because I was up late doing the reading for class.” “I only got four, I’m like, dead. I had so much homework to do! I’m taking 18 units this … Continue reading Breaking Free From the Productivity Myth

The Irritation of Inspiration

Something I have become increasingly aware of over the past few years is that inspiration and passion are often accompanied by a great deal of frustration. Late last night I arrived home after spending the weekend at Wild Goose festival in North Carolina. Wild Goose, as I have mentioned before, is a yearly faith, arts … Continue reading The Irritation of Inspiration

An Imperfect Explanation

Once again I have gone far longer than I intended without posting. I would say without writing, but I actually have written several posts that never made their way onto my blog. "Why is that, Hailey? Are there backlogged posts that you're saving for a rainy day?" No, unfortunately this hasn't been an intentional decision, … Continue reading An Imperfect Explanation

Treat Yourself: Experiments in Self-Care

As my fellow Parks and Recreation fans might know, today is Treat Yourself Day, in honor of the 3rd anniversary of that particular episode. (If you have no idea what I am talking about, read on anyway because I won't be talking about TV shows, I promise.) As a dedicated fan of the show, and … Continue reading Treat Yourself: Experiments in Self-Care

Big Sister 101: Embracing the Role

My brother, Noah, was born a month and a half after I turned one, so I literally cannot remember a time when I wasn't a big sister. Isaiah was born a year and a half after that, so by age three the title "big sister" was very much ingrained into my identity. This, combined with … Continue reading Big Sister 101: Embracing the Role

Ready or Not, Here I Come!

  In the passed two years I have become increasingly aware that adulthood is something that you grow into very slowly. It's a process. And often it doesn't feel like you're getting anywhere. I see posts from my peers all over social media sites making jokes about how bad they are "at adulthood". "Eating ice … Continue reading Ready or Not, Here I Come!