Disability and Faith Reflection for The Salve

Instead of publishing a blogpost in July, I wrote a reflection on faith and disability for The Salve, which I can finally share with you all! Thanks to the folks at The Salve for this opportunity and to my supporters on Patreon for patiently waiting for their promised July content! In Disability, I am Finding … Continue reading Disability and Faith Reflection for The Salve


Not Daring Enough to Dream

I didn’t feel like writing a blog post this month. My mind has been very full of questions about my future, my desires, and my needs that I haven’t been ready to share with publicly yet, but I didn’t know what else to write about. To be honest, I still haven’t learned how to do … Continue reading Not Daring Enough to Dream

Summer 2019 Immigration Detention and Raid Crisis Resources

I feel compelled by the ongoing atrocities that our government is committing against immigrants to compile this set of sources about what is currently happening in our detainment camps, the administration’s recent raid threats, and organizations who are trying to help mitigate the damage being done to immigrant children and families. This guide will not … Continue reading Summer 2019 Immigration Detention and Raid Crisis Resources

Acceptance (Part 2)

In part one of this series, I concluded by inviting readers to sit with this question: Why is the impetus for acceptance so often placed entirely on the shoulders of those experiencing physical limitations, mental impairments, and chronic pain, instead of on the people around us whose genuine acceptance and understanding has the potential to … Continue reading Acceptance (Part 2)

Acceptance (Part 1)

My life is never going to be “normal.” I’ve known this for a while. Writing that statement isn’t hard, but accepting everything implicated in it is a lot more complicated. I never really wanted a “normal” life (whatever that even means). I grew up in an alternative, intentional, heart-following family, and always imagined myself following … Continue reading Acceptance (Part 1)