Summer 2019 Immigration Detention and Raid Crisis Resources

I feel compelled by the ongoing atrocities that our government is committing against immigrants to compile this set of sources about what is currently happening in our detainment camps, the administration’s recent raid threats, and organizations who are trying to help mitigate the damage being done to immigrant children and families. This guide will not be as thorough as past guides, as I feel time is of the essence as these horrifying events continue to unfold, but I hope it will be helpful to anyone seeking to understand the events of the past few weeks. This is a humanitarian crisis, and has been since initial public concern was aroused last Spring. The inhumane treatment of immigrants must end now. Please act in whatever ways you can and stand against this violence and injustice. 

Full Guide Here:

[Image description: Teal, red and yellow Shepard Fairey poster of a small child smiling and holding a fistfull of roses, the child is wearing a bucket-style hat that says "we are human" on it. On the child's chest are the words, "stop the raids," and a banner at the bottom of the poster says "immigration reform now!"]



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