Women’s History Month Mini-Guide

This March, I celebrated Women’s History Month by learning a bit more about women in history whose stories I wasn’t exposed to very much in school. Growing up, I felt like I couldn’t find enough stories in history about women that I could identify with, but in my late teens I realized that as hard as it was for me to find historical figures that represented me as a cis, white girl, it was much harder for women of color, indigenous women, and LGB and trans women to find those stories in our education system. So, I’ve chosen to focus this guide on amplifying those voices and histories as best as I can. This guide is introductory at best, but I hope it stokes the same excitement in you that editing it stoked in me. A lot of the research I do can feel disheartening, but this little project was really uplifting and inspiring, as well as educational, and it’s reminded me that there is so much power in celebrating stories that go against the dominant narratives of our history. It’s been an honor to learn about these remarkable women. 

Guide can be accessed here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i0KjGMoY2_YiYQIaj4QlY_ZyKMP1amK6KTNY8K_OzX8/edit?usp=sharing


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