Christian Immigration Resources

After being asked if the Immigration Justice Resource Guide is “for Christians” by several people over the past few months, I’ve put together an addendum guide that I hope will help Christians who are curious or overwhelmed by the news cycle engage in cultivating a faith-based rationale for immigration justice. The table of contents and introduction are included below, and the full guide can be accessed here.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Immigrants’ Personal Stories
  3. Christian Immigration Organizations and Resources
  4. Books on Immigration by Christians
  5. What Next? Opportunities to Support our Immigrant Neighbors
    1. Find Local Immigration Advocacy Organizations
    2. Information on the Church Sanctuary Movement
  6. Additional Resources

    1. Introduction

Ongoing political division and debate around immigration and asylum seeking in the United States has left many Christians wondering how to understand this issue in the context of our faith. The policy of child-separation in immigration detainment as brought to the forefront of public attention in Spring 2018, especially, roused bi-partisan concern among followers of Jesus about the moral and religious implications of immigration policy. What does the Bible say about immigrants and refugees? Is immigration a moral issue? Why should Christians care about those at our borders? I’ve attempted to compile resources that address these questions and others from a Christian perspective for anyone who feels called to engage more deeply with this topic. I believe there is a clear moral, ethical, and spiritual impetus for followers of Jesus to care for immigrants and refugees as our brothers, sisters, and neighbors in Christ. Many Christian organizations are doing good work to spread that message and to engage in the holy work of welcoming the stranger and protecting the vulnerable. I have included information about such organizations as well as books, articles, and worship resources about embrace a Christ-like attitude to immigration.

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